Limousine Insurance

Limousines are always in high demand. People book these vehicles for different kinds of special occasions like weddings, proms, anniversaries, and even for corporate transportation. Limos are long and more challenging to maneuver than regular sedans, especially on busy New York streets.

They have a higher chance of getting into accidents, which is why you need comprehensive limousine insurance in New York City. At A&C Brokerage, we have a team of experienced, reliable, and honest brokers that can provide straightforward advice.

TLC Limousine Insurance

The New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission is a regulatory body that grants licenses to all kinds of commercial vehicles. It sets rules and guidelines, making sure all drivers live up to set industry standards. It handles For-Hire Vehicles (FHV), commuter vans, taxi cabs, green taxis, community cars or liveries, and luxury limousines.

If you want to drive a commercial limousine in NYC, you need a TLC limousine insurance coverage. The regulatory body has some minimum requirements, and all drivers must pass these conditions to operate legally in the city.

NYC Limo Insurance Requirements

Different kinds of limousines have different types of minimum requirements. Most drivers aren't aware of this and buy insufficient insurance, which can lead to problems down the line. According to the TLC, NYC limo insurance should provide a minimum coverage as mentioned below:

  • Cars capable of carrying 1-8 passengers need PIP or personal injury protection of $200,000, liability per person of $500,000, and liability per accident of $1,000,000.
  • Limousines with 9-15 passengers need PIP of $200,000 and liability per accident of $1,500,000.
  • Limousines that can carry 16-20 passengers need PIP of $200,000 and liability per accident of $5,000,000.

If you don’t get this level of coverage, TLC won’t grant you a license. There are several insurance companies in the market, and many provide great FHV insurance for limousines. Our experienced brokers will take careful note of all your requirements and then recommend a solution that works.

Luxury Limousine Insurance in NYC

All limousine drivers need to have three types of insurance coverage to work in the field. Your liability insurance will compensate others for damaged caused by your accident. The plan only pays if you are found liable. This plan won’t cover injuries, which is why you need an additional Personal Injury Protection plan.

A PIP will pay for all medical expenses you and other parties involved, regardless of liability. The insurance will compensate everyone involved even if you are not responsible for the accident.

Limousine owners must also get uninsured motorist coverage to protect themselves from other drivers on the road because some don't have sufficient insurance or have let their policy lapse. The uninsured motorist policy will ensure you have some financial assistance in such circumstances.

As experienced TLC insurance brokers, we will recommend the best combination of plans so you get maximum coverage and can save money on premiums. If you want to know more about limousine insurance in NYC cost or need advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at A&C Brokerage. You can call (212) 942-6339 or use our contact form to get in touch.

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